Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Obesity Curable?

Obesity is a rapidly growing concern all over the world with rise in incidence of obesity related disorders such as diabetes, heart problems etc.,. Before going to the causation and treatment of obesity, fundamentally we need to know about the tendencies relating to obesity. Some people have tendency to obesity and some others tendency to be lean. Those who have got tendency to obesity, being susceptible, easily become obese by the causative factors given below.


Diet & Regimen:

1. Those people who are of epicurean nature, being fond of food, take excess of food particularly those who are fond of junk foods surcharged with sedentary habits, needless to say, are highly prone to obesity. Mere habit without any disease background for the ravenous appetite should be altered by their self without medication.
2. People who are of the habit of taking dinner late in the night and remaining wakeful during nights as part of professional or personal activity are more inclined to be obese.
3. Living close to nature under normal temperature results in burning of some calories unnoticeably. Conversely prolonged dwelling in air-conditioned environment hampers this imperceptible burning of fat resulting in obesity.
4. Coffee on account of its stimulant nature increases the appetite and also for some other reasons yet to be known and proved causes obesity.
5. Alcohol intake along with spicy and fat rich food consumption is a sufficiently potent factor as far as obesity is concerned.
6. Habitual consumption of chilled drinks/beverages like coke, pepsi etc., along with fast/processed foods also results in obesity as it creates sluggishness in the economy, though occasional drinking is permissible.
7. Satisfying appetite is entirely different from eating to satiety. Ignoring this point people usually overload their stomachs which obviously results in obesity. To avoid this to happen one should take adequate quantity of food which merely satisfies the appetite and if necessary taking food again on feeling hungry is quite advisable.


Obesity already occasioned under erroneous diet and regimen can be cured under ideal homoeopathic treatments provided no further excitation occurs.

Surgical Causes:

Obesity arising as post surgical consequence is almost an irreversible condition. Surgeries of any kind such as hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, appendicectomy, caesarean section are potent factors resulting in this irreversible damage. In particular the family planning operations (tubectomy & vasectomy) may cause obesity even many years after. The reason for this is that the ova, sperms and various others which should be let out during menses and other ways remain inside and enter the blood circulation which turns out to be toxic to the system, result in obesity.

Curability: - In such conditions the patient being kept under genuine homoeopathic treatment can be prevented from becoming further more obese.

Medicinal Causes:
Weight gain is a most common, but often overlooked side effect to many widely prescribed drugs. In susceptible individuals weight gain may result in obesity. They are

1.Oestrogens used indiscriminately as oral contraceptive(OC) pills, for postponement and advancement of menses and various other gynaecological conditions as in hormone replacement therapies(HRT), postmenopausal deficiencies, polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) etc.

2. Corticosteroids like Betamethasone, betnesol, entocort, wysolone used for chronic asthma, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, crohn’s & ulcerative colitis etc., taken internally and when used externally as topical applications for psoriasis, lichen planus etc.

3. Tricyclic anti-depressants like clomipramine,doxepin, imipramine used for depression.

4. Antipsychotic drugs like alprazolam, diazepam, clonazepam used as sedatives, tranquilizers, anxiety relievers and in epilepsy.

5. Anti-epileptics like eptoin, gardenal, tegrital, valproates used for epilepsy treatments.

6. Oral hypogylcemics like daonil, glynase, euglucon as well as insulin used for diabetes.

7. Drugs used in treatments for tuberculosis and hyperthyroidism.

Curability: These and many other drugs used for many weeks or even months may cause obesity of irreversible nature. If not abused to such an irreversible extent, the obesity brought forth can be reversed back under scientific homoeopathic treatment in course of time while curing the individual as a whole.

Disease Causes:

Obesity may be caused in some diseased conditions like hypothyroidism, cushing’s syndrome, frohlick’s syndrome (hypothalamic causes) and certain idiopathic conditions. Weight gain and a sensation of heaviness is a most troublesome condition produced along with other symptoms in these diseases.
Curability: These to a large extent can be cured by genuine homoeopathic treatment in a wholistic approach along with other disease symptoms.


1. Living close to nature, under moderate temperature (neither hot nor cold) conditions as long as possible to burn some calories unnoticeably.
2. Simultaneously avoid air-conditioned environment whenever and wherever possible.
3. If living in air-conditioned atmosphere is a compulsion, reduce as much diet as possible.
4. Eating as much as one requires in day time but reducing as much as at nights.
5. Limiting the intake of solids to 6 or 7 pm in the evening and staying on liquids like dilute milk, buttermilk etc., thereafter.
6. Going to bed early and waking up early.
7. Regular walking and exercise in open air like gardening to maintain fitness particularly by those who lead a sedentary life.
8. Needless to say, reducing junk foods as well as fat rich foods to the extent possible.
9. Giving up stimulants like coffee, tea, tobacco etc.
10. Most important than the above all, refrain from using the drugs before listed which cause an irreversible damage.
11. Restricting the consumption of chilled drinks/beverages to rare occasions.
12. Restraining oneself to satisfying appetite rather than eating to satiety


Any kind of obesity treatments whether it be surgical, medical or alternative kind are not quite advisable in any type of obesity (reversible or irreversible) and in particular irreversible type of obesities as they result in many side effects apart from being temporary and short-lived in most instances. Mere dieting and thoughtless overexertion only end in profound weakness even in those reversible kinds of obesities. Anyhow in both the before said conditions, the obesity recurs in course of time establishing the short-lived nature of the treatments. The best way of curing obesity in a permanent manner is undergoing ideal homoeopathic treatment following appropriate dietary instructions which targets in curing the individual as a whole along with the obesity without any risk of side effects.