Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is CIVILIZATION coming to our Good or Bad?

However much we may boast about latest advancements and civilization, it is turning out to be a curse to mankind particularly when the physical and mental health conditions are concerned. When probed into deeply, the core point behind civilization seems to be denying mental as well as physical expression.

The reason behind the increasing incidence of psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression etc., can be easily traced out to denying of expression of our emotions. We can’t express our fear of dogs, ghosts and such others from thoughts of humiliation before others. We can’t express our anger from fear of non co-operation from other or others being superior to us. We can’t express our success and the joy resulting from it, to avoid others attention and envy upon us. We can’t express our grief from fear of demeaning ourselves before others. At least we can’t express our devotion to God openly and keep it reserved to express at temples, churches etc. Hence with every instance of suppressing our emotion there falls a seed to some physical ailment such as gastric ulcer, hypertension etc., or a mental ailment like anxiety neurosis, depressive disorders etc.

If we take the case of a dental decay, the internal disease process of decaying (which is evident sometimes and at other times not) gets manifested externally as offensive breathing or bad odour of mouth. People usually use some peppermint or other flavoured paste as a remedy to the decay and remain free from the bad odour, but the decaying process advances further under currently. This point is confirmed on innumerable occasions with decay of teeth even though the individual is habituated to clean his teeth once or twice daily. Any amount of such dental hygiene can’t prevent the dental caries without treating and curing the tendency to caries. This can be aptly compared to a blockage of drainage channel. Usage of pastes without radical removal of caries through homoeopathic treatment is nothing but using a room refreshner without clearing the blockage of drain, and remaining insensible to the putrid odours of effluents which is a temporary solution, the permanent solution being removal of blockage. Thus the denial of bad odour of breath by using pastes does not relieve the underlying caries, which in fact is favouring its progress by making ourselves insensible to the bad odour.